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Erik Brandsberg, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), delivered a highly informative and in-depth technical presentation focused on the capabilities and limitations of two widely used PostgreSQL proxies, namely Pg-Bouncer and PgPool-II. This educational session is particularly valuable for Postgres operators who seek to enhance their understanding of advanced traffic management.

In addition to discussing the open-source proxies, the presentation also shines a spotlight on Heimdall Proxy, a powerful alternative that not only competently compares but also fills in the feature gaps found in its counterparts. As the old adage goes, “You get what you pay for…” – this presentation explores why choosing the right proxy solution is crucial and how Heimdall Proxy proves to be a superior option.

To gain in-depth insights into optimizing PostgreSQL scaling and advanced traffic management, we invite you to watch the full video by visiting the following link: Scaling Beyond PostgreSQL: Advanced Traffic Management 2021.

Additionally, for your convenience, the video is also available on YouTube. Click the link below to access the YouTube video and delve into the world of advanced traffic management with Heimdall Proxy:

[Watch on YouTube]