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We are thrilled to announce the latest release – 1.0.4 – of Heimdall Data, packed with an array of exciting new features that elevate your database performance and security to new heights!

SQL Firewall with Learning Capability:

One of the key highlights of this release is the introduction of the SQL Firewall with Learning Capability. This cutting-edge feature empowers your database with intelligent learning capabilities, allowing it to analyze and understand query patterns. By learning from historical queries, the SQL Firewall can proactively identify and prevent potential security threats and unauthorized access attempts, bolstering your database’s defense against malicious activities.

Log Rate Limiting:

Another significant addition is the Log Rate Limiting feature. With this capability, you can efficiently manage the rate at which logs are generated, preventing overwhelming log volumes that may lead to performance bottlenecks. By fine-tuning log generation, you can strike the perfect balance between comprehensive log data and streamlined performance.

Query Pattern Rate Limiting:

Heimdall Data’s 1.0.4 release further introduces Query Pattern Rate Limiting, offering enhanced control over query execution rates. This feature enables you to define rate limits for specific query patterns, preventing excessive or abusive queries from impacting database resources and overall system responsiveness.

Extensive Rule Behavior Control Options:

We understand the importance of having granular control over rule behavior. To cater to your unique requirements, we’ve added an extensive range of options to control rule behavior. Now, you can tailor rule settings to align precisely with your database setup and performance objectives.

Explore the Rule Help Page:

As the majority of these new features revolve around rule handling, we have provided comprehensive details on the Rule Help Page at Here, you’ll find in-depth explanations of each feature, along with clear references on which options are available in which build. This resource will be your go-to guide for unlocking the full potential of Heimdall Data’s latest release.

At Heimdall Data, we are dedicated to continuous improvement, and our Release 1.0.4 stands as a testament to our commitment. With enhanced performance, robust security measures, and advanced rule handling options, this release empowers you to optimize your database like never before.

Upgrade now to Release 1.0.4 and experience the future of database management with Heimdall Data. Embrace the power of intelligence-driven SQL Firewall, seamless log rate limiting, and precise query pattern rate control. Our goal is to provide you with unparalleled database performance and security, and we believe this release achieves just that.

Join us in exploring the possibilities with Release 1.0.4 and see how Heimdall Data continues to pave the way for database innovation and excellence. Embrace the future of data optimization today!

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