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It has been a while since I posted about our newest releases, so I’ll summarize some of the major changes here:

  • Full Postgres and MySQL proxy support, including prepared procedure support;
  • Optimized caching for the PG and MySQL proxy, storing the data in a binary format to efficiently stream the data on the wire;
  • Auto-cache optimization logic to detect if it makes sense to cache, and disable caching on a per-query pattern basis.  This accounts for cache overhead, hit rates, etc;
  • Reduction in the overhead for using caching, including out-of-band data serialization (when possible), tracking of object data on remote caches for Redis and Hazelcast, etc;
  • Improved logic to detect corner cases when “cache everything” will not work, so fewer rules are needed;
  • Improved compatibility with various Hazelcast and Redis cache modes, including Hazelcast server support, the Redis cluster API, etc;
  • An AWS wizard, to discover and configure RDS and Elasticache instances with Heimdall;
  • Provide a “readonly” option to forwarding, so that read-only servers can easily be accessed for queries for read/write split.
  • Many many optimiztions to improve performance;
  • Many bug-fixes found in testing and customer environments.

I can simply say that this release should be the most solid, and feature packed release yet.  To get an idea of all the features available via the powerful Heimdall rule system, please review the rules help page for more information here.