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Recently it was announced that in MySQL 8.0, query caching would no longer be supported. This was due to lack of scale and performance for high-throughput workloads. Heimdall Data is a performance optimization platform that addresses these limitations. We offer a caching solution to the MySQL community. 

How are we unique?

  • Distributed SQL Caching: Heimdall is installed across application servers. Because SQL caching of result sets are performed at the application edge, network latency is removed, increasing MySQL scale up to 5x.
  • Automatic Caching: Cache safely and reliably. Our analytics give recommendations on what you should cache. You can choose to take some or all (i.e. auto-cache) of our recommendations via “One-Click”.
  • Cache safely and reliably: Heimdall cache nodes intercommunicate to ensure synchronization so that data is always up-to-date. Upon invalidation, we do not lock the tables, maximizing application response times.
  • Transparent: You choose the storage of choice (e.g. in-memory, Redis, Elasticache, Hazelcast) and Heimdall transparently interfaces to the cache API, requiring ZERO code changes.

Heimdalldata diagram

Heimdall Data is a MySQL data access layer. Caching is one of the most difficult problems to solve for a developer, especially when it comes to invalidations. We have solved that problem. Learn more here.