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“Heimdall’s database proxy immediately solved a scaling issue without any code changes, which is a huge plus. It was easy to set up and contains a lot of options and features to fine tune for your specific need. They also provide very quick support with helpful suggestions on how to add redundancy and scalability to the proxy itself.

The query analyzer tool has also helped us further optimize our platform by easily identifying problem areas without additional integration. The entire installation took less than a day from signing up to finished implementation.

All of this at very competitive pricing.”

Matt Harbers, CTO at Kasma


Kasma helps companies empower their next-generation leaders. Its AI-powered people analytics suite provides real-time feedback and recommendations to coach managers to be better leaders and strengthen workplace relationships.


As they were scaling up their business, there was need to ensure the database tier could handle the traffic. Scaling Amazon RDS often requires costly development resources.


    The Heimdall Proxy offered client-side SQL results caching into Amazon ElastiCache. Read/Write split was used to intelligently load balance across read replicas without code changes. Heimdall had an AWS configuration wizard that allowed them to easily configure the proxy while viewing SQL performance bottlenecks in AWS.


    1. Improved SQL scaling without code changes

    2. Greater than 50% cache hit rate

    3. Automated proxy scaling using the AWS CloudFormation Template