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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Hazelcast as part of our initial release. This collaboration allows Heimdall to offer innovative solutions for simplifying content caching, while leveraging Hazelcast’s powerful distributed cache infrastructure.

In our release 1.0.1, we have integrated the Hazelcast 3.5.4 open source library, which has undergone extensive testing and refinement. Additionally, we have also tested the compatibility and performance of our solution with the Hazelcast 3.6.0 RC1 code.

Our default configuration takes advantage of both the near and grid cache functionality provided by Hazelcast. This combination enables us to deliver exceptional caching performance for our SQL cache logic. By leveraging Hazelcast’s advanced caching capabilities, we ensure lightning-fast cache access and improved overall application performance.

Furthermore, our partnership with Hazelcast allows us to tap into their wealth of experience and expertise in distributed caching. We are fully committed to expanding our own capabilities by leveraging Hazelcast’s functionality. This collaboration will enable us to simplify the integration of in-memory grid functionality into both existing and new projects.

With Hazelcast as our primary and default cache partner, we can provide our users with a robust and reliable caching solution. Hazelcast’s distributed cache infrastructure offers scalability, fault-tolerance, and resilience, ensuring that our customers experience unparalleled caching performance, even in demanding and high-traffic environments.

We are truly excited about the possibilities that this partnership brings. It opens up avenues for us to explore more innovative ways to enhance caching, optimize application performance, and deliver exceptional results for our customers.

As we continue to grow our partnership with Hazelcast, we are dedicated to further improving our caching solutions and providing continuous updates and enhancements. Together, we aim to empower businesses with an efficient and reliable caching framework that accelerates their applications and unlocks new possibilities.