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FaithSocial is a first-of-its-kind digital platform connecting Christians from all over the world to enriching resources and personalized content. They were looking for a solution that could handle the growing user count accessing Amazon RDS, while reducing costs.


As our application scaled in complexity and in adoption, we quickly realized that we’d be running into serious bottlenecks with RDS. We looked into scaling and complex replication options, but soon realized that it just would not make financial sense.


We are thankful to have found Heimdall at a time when scaling became a focus area for us. Heimdall’s solution helped us dramatically reduce the direct reliance on RDS while simultaneously improving our platform’s performance.


The biggest wins for us have been:
– Reduced our RDS costs by 55% (compared a year after implementation)
– Improved application performance by approximately 80%
– Having not a vendor, but a partner in the journey to effective and feasible scaling.

I am not sure how we would have been able to scale our platform without Heimdall, especially in the critical cash-strapped arena that often defines startups.

Duncan Platt, CTO at FaithSocial