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Release 1.0.5 is primarily a bug-fix release, resolving the following issues:

  1.  A packaging issue with the 1.0.4 release vendor neutral package is resolved, which if installed in a non-root account could cause problems with driver download on an application start;
  2. Resolved two issues preventing the cache button from properly identifying patterns that were covered by a cache rule already;
  3. If the Heimdall server component was restarted after the application was started, and the server had incremented the configuration counter, then the driver may not pull new configurations until the configuration version matches what had been set by the previous instance of the server;
  4. Improved database failure detection with multiple application servers;
  5. Improved thread behavior on the server to help increase the performance of logging.

Additionally, two new features have been introduced:

  1. A “stack trace” rule has been added, to help identify the source of queries, including an option to only generate a trace if a query is slow;
  2. A default option on tag rules, to allow the creation of a default rule template for a long rule list.