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Questis is a configurable technology platform that allows financial intermediaries to deliver effective, white-labeled financial wellness programs to their clients. Questis chose Heimdall Data with Amazon Aurora for Postgres because of its ease of scalability and management. In this blog, learn how this joint AWS solution met the dynamic traffic demands to during high peak time load. This blog was written by Brian Davis at Questis Inc.


After Questis completed a major software release and was preparing to onboard a large customer, it was time to focus on improving the performance and scalability of the application. The approach was first, to develop industry differentiating functionality and then, to optimize for performance.


The Questis team realized that their backend infrastructure required additional development work to improve performance, provide high-availability, and be rapidly scalable.


Questis chose Amazon Aurora for Postgres for its:

  • Self-management
  • Excellent sub-second replication times
  • Auto-scaling of database storage

The deployment had three application EC2 instances running under ECS connected to two Aurora backend servers (one write, one read replica). Heimdall Data’s transparent deployment complemented Aurora with:

  • Better use of read replicas: Without any application code changes, Heimdall routed the queries to the write servers and to the appropriate read replicas.
  • SQL caching: Questis choose Elasticache for Redis as part of their caching grid. No code changes to the application were required to take advantage of caching. Heimdall’s Auto-tune feature was turned on and both caching and invalidation were
  • SQL Analytics: Gave us the ability to identify performance bottlenecks and resolve them quickly.
  • Automated Failover: This added the ability to track and failover the database without requiring an application restart.

Customer Benefit:

Heimdall Data’s reporting system provided insights into how Questis could optimize slow SQL queries. This alone made the product very useful. Database caching improved website response times up to 46 percent. Questis is very pleased with the performance gains and visibility delivered from the Aurora and Heimdall Data joint solution.

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