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Free Ethernet Tools for Redundancy & Failover Availability

In today’s connected world where the competition is razor close and there is no margin for error, dependable connectivity at all times is crucial to the business. Regular communication between the company and its suppliers and clients are required to ensure the business goes along smoothly. When there is such a need for your business to be online at all times, it is of course a no brainer that you come up with a redundancy plan in case something happens to your system and it goes offline.

While the chances might seem less likely to you, all that is required is a simple power outage or a ransomware attack to have you on the ropes. Things break down at the most unexpected moments so there is a great need to come up with a system that you can fall back to in the worst case scenario. In this article, we will take a look at the free tools at your disposal and what other strategies you can use to create a redundancy plan on your network.

To ensure your data is not stolen while being sent, consider making use of an encrypted path called VPNs. This helps secure the information you might be sending or receiving. If custom made, you can also get a router or a firewall that has a VPN built in to it. Using a VPN is also cheaper and more secure than going for a MPLS connection.

Take in to consideration your LAN connections present on the router and what the default gateway is. Use a tool such as NetRouteView which is used by any Magento development company. Create a bulletproof LAN by including 2 switches and make these the default gateways. This means if the router dies, the main gateway address will still be the same so the switches can make decisions and not the router.

Protip; opt for hardware where the power can be switched out and ensure that the power is connected to generators and that there is a backup so that you don’t have to go offline over a power outage.

Make use of a software called Wireshark. If you hire Magento developer, chances are you will find them using this tool too. It is analyses protocols for networks and is extremely great at what it does. So good that it is considered the benchmark to other software in the market. You can live capture and even do analysis even when not connected online. Wireshark is compatible with a number of operating systems including Windows and Linux and you can view the captured data using a tool called T-Shark. In addition to that, it comes with file compression and can support decryption efforts.

Angry IP Scanner is another analyzer that is well worth checking out. Its prime focus is being fast and easy to handle and is also portable, meaning there is absolutely no need to install Angry IP Scanner; just click on it and you are good to go!

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